"I do not believe our laws are poor, we have many good ones, but they are distorted by law enforcement."

Genrikh Padva

"Predictions with respect to our justice are hard to make. I do hope that, through very big difficulties, with some digressions back or to the side, we are gradually moving in the right direction, and justice will one day achieve the right to be called with this great word deservedly."

Genrikh Padva

"Notwithstanding all the difficulties and complications in the operation of our justice, honest, faithful judges and investigators, prosecutors and attorneys do exist, and I am proud that attorneys of our office are among the latter."

Genrikh Padva

The Law Office Padva & Partners

is one of the oldest attorneys’ offices in Russia.

Phone: +7 (495) 737-43-03

Fax: +7 (495) 737-43-08

E-mail: info@padvapartners.ru

For many years, its attorneys have been on Russian and international ratings. Attorneys practicing in the Law Office have accumulated large experience by acting for clients in various practice areas and representing them before Russian arbitrazh and general courts.

Protecting their clients’ interests, Russian as well as foreign, attorneys of “Padva and Partners” have repeatedly achieved changes in Russian case law and amendments to applicable law.

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