Andrei V. Rakhmilovich

Andrei V. Rakhmilovich

Andrei V. Rakhmilovich

Andrei Rakhmilovich represents clients in courts of law and arbitration tribunals, advising on contractual law, real estate disputes, mergers and acquisitions, insurance, securities, corporate  and intellectual property law, as well as on urban planning and land law and antimonopoly regulation. He has supported various investment projects. Andrei  has repeatedly advised and represented clients charged with economic crime.

Andrei Rakhmilovich has worked on the recognition and enforcement in Russia of foreign arbitration awards. He has repeatedly acted before the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

Andrei publishes in legal journals in Russia and abroad. He co-authored the monograph “The Rule of Law and Problems of its Introduction in Law Enforcement”.

Andrei Rakhmilovich graduated from the Moscow State University Law School in 1974 and has practiced as an advocate since 1975. Since 2003 he co-led the law firm “Margulyan and Rakhmilovich”, and joined forces with Padva and Partners in 2011. English - working knowledge.

Mentions in the news

Attorneys of the law office "Padva & Partners" welcome adoption of the resolution on conciliation procedures in arbitration proceedings

The Plenum of the Higher Arbitrazh Court of Russia issued on 18 July 2014 Ruling № 50 "On peaceful settlement between parties in arbitrazh proceedings".  The purpose of the Court’s explanations is to encourage businessmen to resolve their disputes out of court,  with minimum time and effort. In its recommendations, the Court is acting on the assumption that honest and reasonable civil parties are interested in agreeing and converging their interests in order to maintain a stable and mutually favourable business environment.

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