Anna V. Ivanova

Anna V. Ivanova

Anna V. Ivanova

Anna Ivanova represents clients in criminal and civil cases and represents clients before Russian arbitrazh and general courts on various matters including land law, anti-libel suits, inheritance issues.

Her practice covers various matters of corporate law, real estate, family law.

Anna is a member of the Expert Group in the Committee of the Federation Council on constitutional law, legal and judicial matters, development of the civil society.

Anna graduated in 2008 from the Moscow Academy of Law. She is a member of Moscow Bar. Anna has been with Padva and Partners since 2008 and was trained by the Managing Partner G. Padva. She is fluent in English.

Mentions in the news

An individual is not entitled to file a lawsuit on the recognition of all types of construction works unauthorized construction and the responsibilities to carry out the demolition of unauthorized construction, recovery of lost profits

Solving the dispute, the appellate court agreed with the arguments of the Bureau’s attorney Anna Ivanova that the only prosecutor and other authorized bodies in according with the Federal law have the right to sue on the demolition of unauthorized construction, in particular the Department of Cultural Heritage, if the construction works are implemented on a cultural heritage or its territory. The Court also noted that, as a result of the construction work does not create a new property, the work can not be considered unauthorized construction.

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