At the application of the Bureau’s attorney, criminal proceedings against Murad Musaev were dropped. Mr. Musaev was defending persons charged with the murder of Colonel Yury Budanov

Preobrazhensky District Court of Moscow dropped criminal charges against the Bureau’s client, advocate Murad Musaev, who was charged with interference with justice during hearings on the case of murder of Yury Budanov, Russian Army Colonel.

The Court granted the petition of the Bureau’s attorney Alexander Gofshteyn seeking to cease the criminal prosecution – in this particular case, due to the expiry of the limitations period. In addition to Murad Musaev, members of the jury in the case were also charged with obstruction of justice.

The Bureau’s attorneys succeeded in having the obstruction of justice charges against their client dropped in their entirety. This is how the Bureau’s attorney Alexander Gofshteyn commented on the situation: «A person criminal charges against whom were dropped, is considered never having been charged. The court’s decision has allowed us to defend our colleague from highly questionable charges that were based on evidence of a person who is dependent on law enforcement authorities».

In addition, pursuant to an amnesty act, the court dropped charges against the jury member defended by the Bureau’s attorney Denis Simachev.

At the same time, the defence appealed the rulings of the trial court with respect to Murad Musaev and the jury member, to the Criminal Collegium of the Moscow City Court, seeking to terminate the proceedings as illegally instituted.

Mentioned employes

Alexander M. Gofshteyn
Member of the Board of Partners
Denis T. Simachev
Attorney at Law
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