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An individual is not entitled to file a lawsuit on the recognition of all types of construction works unauthorized construction and the responsibilities to carry out the demolition of unauthorized construction, recovery of lost profits

Solving the dispute, the appellate court agreed with the arguments of the Bureau’s attorney Anna Ivanova that the only prosecutor and other authorized bodies in according with the Federal law have the right to sue on the demolition of unauthorized construction, in particular the Department of Cultural Heritage, if the construction works are implemented on a cultural heritage or its territory. The Court also noted that, as a result of the construction work does not create a new property, the work can not be considered unauthorized construction.

At the application of the Bureau’s attorney, criminal proceedings against Murad Musaev were dropped. Mr. Musaev was defending persons charged with the murder of Colonel Yury Budanov

The Bureau’s attorney proved the Client’s title to the newly constructed building even with complete absence of initial permit documentation

In proceedings before the Arbitrazh Court of the City of Moscow,  the Bureau’s attorney was able to prove that the building was erected with the Client’s own means, is not unauthorised construction, and succeeded in convincing the Court that the Client  had no opportunity to undertake the full commissioning into operation procedure as required by the law.

The Higher Arbitrazh Court agreed with the arguments of attorney Mushekh Gevorkyan and drastically changed its approach to cases reviewed by arbitration tribunals

Attorneys of the law office "Padva & Partners" closely monitor recent changes to Russian legislation on personal data protection

Office moved from Sretensky Boulevard to the Moscow City business area


Attorneys of the law office "Padva & Partners" welcome adoption of the resolution on conciliation procedures in arbitration proceedings

The Plenum of the Higher Arbitrazh Court of Russia issued on 18 July 2014 Ruling № 50 "On peaceful settlement between parties in arbitrazh proceedings".  The purpose of the Court’s explanations is to encourage businessmen to resolve their disputes out of court,  with minimum time and effort. In its recommendations, the Court is acting on the assumption that honest and reasonable civil parties are interested in agreeing and converging their interests in order to maintain a stable and mutually favourable business environment.

The Law Office “Padva & Partners” is preparing documents for taking part in the fifth annual rating of law firms of «Pravo.Ru-300»


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